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Anne Nortcliffe


  • Research Interests within Engineering Education

    • Research, developing, embedding and evaluating CDIO into engineering and technology curriculum
    • Research and developing inclusive engineering approach to widen student participation and interest in engineering careers
    • Research and development of engineering laboratory teaching aids for student learning and practice.
    • Narrowing BME attainment and placement gap
  • Projects I have been involved with

    • Engineering pedagogical research, development and evaluation of SCALE-UP for engineering learning, teaching and assessment
    • Pedagogical optimisation of student theoretical understanding and assimilation into engineering practice in engineering laboratories and workshops.
    • Mobile devices for HE learning in engineering.
    • Student employability development for placement.
    • Long tail effect of audio feedback for employability development.
    • Student Audio Notes to support their learning and practice joint project with University of Sheffield Engineering and Sheffield Hallam University.
    • Blended learning for software engineering using audio notes and feedback.
    • Developing computing and network engineering students entrepreneurship and employability through project based learning.
    • Student driven module.
    • Blackboard for student learning analytics
  • Selected Research outputs

  1. NORTCLIFFE, A. PARVEEN, S. and KEECH-PINK, C. (2018) ” Statistically, does Peer Assisted Learning make a difference on a UK Engineering Degree Programme?”, Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education
  2. RAGHUNATH, R ANKER, C. and NORTCLIFFE, A. Are Academic ready for smart learning? British Journal of Education Technology ogy, doi:10.1111/bjet.12532, 1/12/2016
  3. POWER, Sam, NORTCLIFFE, Anne, VERNON-PARRY, Karen and SCHENKEL, Torsten (2016). Engineering learning through aerospace engineering. Other. Athens Institute for Education and Research.
  4. GOODWIN-JONES, JNORTCLIFFE, Anne and VERNON-PARRY, Karen (2016).What does good engineering laboratory pedagogy look like? In:  Engineering education on top of the world : industry university cooperation : 44 th SEFI Conference Proceedings. SEFI.
  5. NORTCLIFFE, Anne and MIDDLETON, Andrew (2011). Smartphone feedback : using an iPhone to improve the distribution of audio feedback. International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education, 48 (3), 280-293.
  • Other involvements

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I am currently the Founding Head of School of Engineering, Technology and Design at Canterbury Christ Church University.