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Prof. Mohammad Zandi


  • Research Interests within Engineering Education

    I believe that learning is not created in the lecture by the teacher but rather learning is created in the mind of the learner. Students cannot learn if their mind in not ready or open no matter what a teacher does in lecture, class or in laboratory. I am interested in enhancing students learning experience through active learning and open-ended projects. However, teaching large cohorts (+200) are challenging and I am interested in applying my teaching philosophy by adopting technology to increase productivity and improve quality to train practical chemical engineering graduates for 21st century. My current research in engineering education is focused on:

      • Engaged learning
      • Research, development and evaluation of pedagogy for teaching large scale engineering cohorts.
      • Social media teaching for promoting STEM subjects to under 17s.
      • Enhancing student experience by adopting Programme Level View approach.

    Projects I have been involved with

    • Project ACE: Action on Community Energy Efficiency
    • Designing research programme for large cohorts.
    • Design a new Chemical Engineering Curriculum.
    • Integrating practical and design into Chemical Engineering Curriculum.
  • Selected Research outputs

  1. Designing and developing a new curriculum to address grand challenges in chemical engineering, 12th Learning & Teaching Conference, 2018, Sheffield.
  • Other involvements

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Also, I am University of Sheffield Senate Fellow in Learning & Teaching. I am a member of Energy Institute and sit on Academic Accreditation Committee.