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Becoming a Member

In addition to an annual symposium and a spring colloquium every year, the Network encourages online networking through a LinkedIn Group for members to share and discuss, an early career researchers twitter handle and an active JISC email list to join.


To be added to the LinkedIn group, first join the group and please send us a request on the following link too:




For our early career researchers, we have a twitter handle which you may wish to follow, its:





If you would like to join as a member of the Network please contact Dr Jane Andrews (details below) who will add you to the JISC list and make sure you are kept fully informed of our activities.



Dr Jane Andrews, Pedagogic researcher, University of Warwick,


The current chair of the Network is Prof Robin Clark. If you would like further details about the Network or are interested in working with Network members (collaborative research) please contact Robin directly.

Prof Robin Clark, Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick.