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Gill Cooke


  • Research Interests within Engineering Education

I am a passionate and enthusiastic engineering management academic, a pragmatic problem solver, experienced in managing people, projects and finance. With a proven track record in developing and implementing pedagogic improvements, I have inspired and facilitated engineering academics to push their boundaries. I have leadership experience in curriculum design and engineering accreditation. I conducted HE engineering education consultancy and have worked with sector professional bodies on projects. I am interested in the following area of research with EER: Active learning and student engagement; Curriculum design and Education management and leadership.

  • Projects I have been involved with

    • TEF Subject Panel Pilot – member.
    • Finnish Government Institutional Audit of Laurea
    • Mapping UK-SPEC to UKPSF.
    • Implementing Activity Led Learning in PGT teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Selected Research outputs

  1. Kainulainen, S., Pistor, P., Celmar, M., Cooke, G., Vataja, K., Mustonnen, K. and Kajeste, M., (2016) Audit of Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finnish Education Evaluation Centre Publications 30:2016, Helsinki, ISBN 978-952-206-369-4
  2. Cooke, G., Lewis, P. and Glendinning, I., (2014) Evaluating Postgraduate students’ Perceptions of Activity Led Learning: Findings from a longitudinal study, SEFI 42nd Annual Conference, 15-19 September 2014, Birmingham, UK.
  3. Cooke, G. and Lewis, P. (2012) Assessment for ALL: an international student perspective, EE2012 Conference proceedings, September 2012 at Coventry University