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Reports can be read online by clicking from this page.  Printed copies of Royal Academy of Engineering reports can usually be obtained from the Academy.


November 2016 – Employment outcomes of engineering graduates: key factors and diversity characteristics

Employment-outcomes Investigating the employment destinations of recent engineering graduates from UK HE institutions.

September 2016 – Experience-led learning for engineers

The abilityExperience-led learning to apply theoretical knowledge to real industrial problems is regarded by industry as the single most desirable attribute in new recruits. This report will help address some of these issues.




Industrial engagement

September 2016 – Effective industrial engagement in engineering education 

The purpose of this guide is to supplement the strategic guidance and case studies provided in previous studies with practical, workable suggestions for universities, industry and professional engineering institutions to help them deliver and benefit from effective industrial engagement.

E-learning resources

September 2016 – Development of e-learning resources

This guide addresses the challenges of developing or accessing suitable engineering e-learning resources by providing people developing these resources with useful information and practical support.


June 2016 – Engineering Facilities in Colleges

Technical education enables an individual both to acquire the technological and science knowledge base, and develop the practical skills and attitudes required for work in technician roles. This report looks at the facilities around Further Education colleges and what is needed to deliver the curriculum.


June 2016 – Diversity Programme Report

The report shows the work that the Academy has lead on for the last five years in partnership with engineering institutions, industry and others.



June 2016 – UK STEM Education Landscape

The Academy has undertaken a detailed mapping of the STEM education landscape and has identified over 600 organisations that are in some way involved in supporting engineering education.

Main report -wakeham-review-stem-graduate-employability_pdf

May 2016 – Wakeham Review of STEM Degree Provision and Graduate Employability

The review was commissioned by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) ministers following the publication of the Government’s Science and Innovation Strategy in 2014.



May 2016 – Shadbolt Review of Computer Science Degree Accreditation and Graduate Employability

The aim of this review is to develop a clearer understanding of the reasons why graduates from Computer Sciences undergraduate degree courses appear to suffer from poor employment outcomes relative to graduates from other STEM disciplines. As part of this investigation, the review considers the role of academic accreditation in maintaining or improving outcomes.



Apr 2016 – Big ideas:the future of engineering in schools

IMechE report produced with support from the Royal Academy of Engineering





Does Teaching advance - Evaluating-HE-teaching-achievement

Feb 2016 – Does teaching advance your academic career?

This interim report contributes to the ongoing debate within the higher education community about how teaching achievement should be evaluated during academic appointments and promotions. It presents a template that enables universities and promotion candidates to define and evaluate teaching achievement at each stage of the academic career.



Jul 2015 – Pathways to success

This report highlights the graduate skills supply issues in engineering through detailed examination of routes into and out of higher education for future professional engineers.




Jul 2015 – The Dowling Review report

The Dowling Review of Business-University Research Collaborations: a review commissioned by BIS from Academy President Dame Ann Dowling DBE FREng FRS .




Does Teaching -RAEng-online-report

Mar 2015 – Does teaching advance your academic career?

Perspectives of promotion procedures in UK higher education.






Oct 2014 – The Universe of Engineering

This report sheds new light on the breadth of engineering in the UK and highlights the hidden contribution of engineering and engineers to the economy.





May 2014 – Thinking like an engineer – implications for the education system summary report

This report offers fresh insights into the ways engineers think. It suggests ways in which the education system might be redesigned to develop engineers more effectively and makes suggestions as to how the wider public might become engaged with these issues.



May 2014 – Thinking like an engineer – Implications for the education system full report

This report, commissioned by the Royal Academy of Engineering, offers fresh insights into the ways engineers think. It goes on to suggest ways in which the education system might be redesigned to develop engineers more effectively.



Jun 2013 – Skills for the nation: engineering undergraduates in the UK

This report provides a mapping of the complex landscape of undergraduate engineering education in the UK and provides a sense of how it has been changing over time.




Aug 2012 – E4E Opportunity and Ability Summary

Key Stage 4 science and mathematics participation and attainment in England 2012 (Education for Engineering).





Aug 2012 – E4E Opportunity and Ability

Key Stage 4 science and mathematics participation and attainment in England 2012 (Education for Engineering).




Jul 2012 – Enhancing Engineering Higher Education

Outputs of the national HE STEM programme – The National HE STEM programme (2009-12) took place against a backdrop of significant change in the higher education systems in England and Wales. Tuition fees, arrangements for student finance and control of student numbers all changed in a move to put the student at the centre of higher education.



Jul 2012 – Get Coding

Resources to support the learning of Computing: a guide for schools.





Jun 2012 – Computing Qualifications included in the 2014 Key Stage 4 Performance Tables: a guide for schools

This guide, produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering in association with in association with the BCS Academy of Computing, the Computing at School working group (CAS) and Next Gen Skills is designed to help schools make sense of the sometimes confusing landscape of computing qualifications.


May 2012 – The case for centres of excellence in sustainable building design 

A report that presents the outcome of an exercise to establish the costs and benefits for the UK economy of creating a network of centres of excellence in integrated, sustainable design for construction.



Apr 2012 – Innovation Economy 2012

Educating engineers to drive the innovation economy – The UK faces a number of challenges as it moves out of recession and towards growth. We are passing through a period of austerity, the like of which we have not experienced since the late 1940s.


Achieving excellence in engineering education

Mar 2012 – Achieving excellence in engineering education: the ingredients of successful change

Engineering is vital to successful, sustainable civilisation. So much rests on the shoulders of future generations of engineers that we must give them the best possible foundation to their professional lives.



Sep 2011 – Respected

Technical qualifications selected for use in University Technical Colleges.





Jul 2011 – The labour market value of STEM qualifications and occupations

This report investigates the labour market value of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) qualifications, focusing specifically on vocational qualifications, and the value of STEM degrees.



Apr 2010 – Educating engineers 21st century

Educating Engineers for the 21st Century – Professor Julia E King CBE FREng.




Mar 2010 – Engineering graduates for industry report

Engineering graduates for industry was commissioned in 2008 by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills – now the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to identify how to increase the number of employable engineering graduates with the skills industry needs.



Aug 2008 – Pioneering engineering education

A summary of work of the London Engineering Project.





henley_report - Educating Engineers for the 21st century

Mar 2006 – Educating Engineers for the 21st Century: The Industry View

This report represents the results of a study carried out by Henley Management College for The Royal Academy of Engineering to investigate UK undergraduate engineering education requirements in terms of the current and future needs of the engineering industry.

Commentary on study - Henley

Mar 2006 – A commentary on a study carried out by Henley Management College.

A commentary on a study carried out by Henley Management College for The Royal Academy of Engineering to investigate UK undergraduate engineering education requirements in terms of the current and future needs of the engineering industry.



Feb 2005 – Design Engineering

Educating Engineers in Design – Lessons learned from the Visiting Professors Scheme.








The engineer is the key figure in the material progress of the world

Sir Eric Ashby