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Network Steering Group

Steering Group Members

Dr Jane Andrews, University of Warwick, (Membership Secretary).

Dr. Gavin Duffy, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Prof. Robin Clark, Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick. (Chair).

Dr Gill Cooke, University of Warwick.

Rebecca Broadbent, Aston University, (PhD Student Rep).

Manish Malik, University of Portsmouth.

Dr Anne Norcliffe, Canterbury Christchurch University, Social Media Guru.

Dr Roger Penlington, Northumbria University (Vice Chair).

Tom Ridgman, Cambridge University.

Prof. Tony Ward, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of York.

Dr. Ines Direito,  Center for Engineering Education, University College London.

Prof. Mo Zandi, University of Sheffield.

Dr. Folashade Akinmolayan, Queen Mary University of London.

Network Steering Group Terms of Reference

In order to maintain the professional and academic integrity of the Network, an independent Steering Group comprising colleagues working in EER has been established.

The Terms of Reference for this Group are to:

  1. Act as an independent body by adopting a ‘governance’ role for the Network, providing high quality ‘user-focused’ expertise, direction and input as appropriate.
  2. Ensure that the Network operates with integrity and in an ethical manner.
  3. Provide members of the Network with advice and guidance in respect of any aspect of EER as appropriate.
  4. Facilitate collaborative research when called upon to do so.
  5. Manage the EER Network JISC list.
  6. Promote the dissemination of EER publications by Network members and others as appropriate.
  7. Provide a UK and Irish perspective within the international EER Community.
  8. Maintain links with and across the Network membership.
  9. Host meetings and events within the EER Community.
  10. Provide a forum for the whole of the EER Community including PhD students and newer researchers.


  • The Steering Group has an independent Chair and Vice Chair appointed from amongst the members.
  • The Steering Group has a Secretary responsible for maintaining communication with the Network.
  • The Steering Group meets physically at least once a year. Additional ‘electronic’ meetings are arranged as appropriate.
  • The Steering Group is responsible for developing and maintaining the Network Website.
  • The Steering Group will not ally itself with any one particular Higher Education Institution.


  • Volunteer representatives from the wider Network.
  • From time to time non-members, from Professional Bodies or external to the UK and Ireland may be appointed as members of the Steering Group.