There are many terms in currency around the education world which display ambiguity of meaning. This is an attempt to define a vocabulary which clarifies at least what is meant when we use a word or phrase of jargon in the context of engineering education.  The following list is alphabetical: no further significance is intended by the order of terms.


See fundamentals.


Blended learning usually implies that face-to-face classroom teaching – at predetermined times and places – is combined with on-line study at the student’s choice of time, place and pace.  There is no generally-agreed tighter definition and indeed the term is often used to rationalise a permissive regime in which a variety of teaching and learning methodologies are deployed.


A block is a unit of teaching and learning which takes place over a concentrated period – perhaps a week – without other programmed activities.  It could of course imply the same content and credit (qv) as a module or a unit but it carries the further implication of a concentrated period.

Bloom’s taxonomy

There is a commonly used series of levels of learning, called Bloom’s taxonomy. It is most frequently presented in terms of six levels of understanding, starting with pure recall of facts from memory and culminating with a sufficiently deep understanding to be able to analyse, synthesize and predict. The levels are often described in terms of the verbs which could be deployed in testing achievement on the Bloom scale.